quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015

  1. st1mu11:Chester Morris and Wallace Beery in The Big House (George W. Hill, 1930)
    Chester Morris and Wallace Beery in The Big House (George W. Hill, 1930)
  2. back-then:Michelin Man. Early 1900s
    Michelin Man. Early 1900s
  3. vestatilleys:Mr. Whit Cunliffe, c.1900′s.
    Mr. Whit Cunliffe, c.1900′s.
  4. 1bohemian:Newman, 1958
    Newman, 1958
  5. nostalgia-eh47:1938 - Photo Of A Ford Motor Dealership Taken By  Harris & Ewinghttp://www.old-picture.com/
    1938 - Photo Of A Ford Motor Dealership Taken By  Harris & Ewing
  6. meinthefifties:Modern Times, 1936.
    Modern Times, 1936.
  7. perfectspecimens:Unknown beach stud. I would guess Lon of NY.
    Unknown beach stud. 
    I would guess Lon of NY.
    (via mauriboy)
  8. historicaltimes:Boys chase garbage carts, New York, 1911 via reddit
    Boys chase garbage carts, New York, 1911
    via reddit
  9. (Source: myselfixion, via pookiestheone)
  10. (Source: myselfixion, via pookiestheone)

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