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O britânico Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904) utilizou temas de batalhas do exército nas suas pinturas.

Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904)-‘Wellington at Waterloo’

Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904)-‘George II at the battle of Dettingen’

Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904)-‘Lord Hill invites the last remnants of the French Imperial Guard to surrender’

Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904)-‘Charles I on the walls of Chester’

Robert Alexander Hillingford (1825-1904)-‘the disaster at the ball given by the Austrian Embassy in Paris 1810’-1897


Alps and Fjords by August Wilhelm Leu

The German artist August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897) used landscapes of the Alps and Fjords in his paintings.

O germânico August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897) utilizou paisagens dos Alpes e Fiordes nas suas pinturas.

August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897)-view of an alpine mountain peaks’-oil on canvas-1896    Private collection

August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897)-‘view from the Wengerenalp on the Esger and Mönch’-oil on canvas1865    Private collection

August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897)-‘in the shadows of the Alps’-oil on canvas    Private collection

August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897)-‘sunny day at a Norwegian Fjord’-oil on canvas-1862    Private collection

August Wilhelm Leu (1819-1897)-‘mountain’-oil on canvas-1857


Rivers by Octavius T. Clark

The British artist Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921) painted landscapes in the vicinity of rivers.

O britânico Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921) pintou paisagens situadas na proximidade de rios.

Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921)-‘country scene with figures walking a lane’

Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921)-‘Warwick castle’

Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921)-‘a riverside cottage’

Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921)-‘autumnal river with mansion’

Octavius T. Clark (1850-1921)-‘a country path’


France by Giuseppe Canella

The Italian artist Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847) painted sites in Paris and in other regions of France.

O italiano Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847) pintou locais de Paris e de outras regiões de França.

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘Pont-Neuf, île de la Citè, la Monaie and quai de Conti’    Paris-Musée Carnavalet

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘Boulevard Montmartre, Paris’

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘Place de la Concorde, Paris’

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘village of Northern France’

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘Place of the High-Old-Tower, Rouen’


Eastern paintings by August von Siegen

The Austrian artist August von Siegen (1850-), whose place and date of death are unknown, painted widely in many regions of Europe and North Africa.

O austríaco August von Siegen (1850- ), cujo local e data do falecimento se desconhecem, pintou muito em várias regiões da Europa e Norte de África.

August von Siegen (1850- )-‘traders sellers’-oil on panel    Private collection

August von Siegen (1850- )-‘Al-Hosan mosque in Cairo’    Private collection

August von Siegen (1850- )-‘figures outside a Egyptian town’-oil on canvas    Private collection

August von Siegen (1850- )-‘oriental street scene’-oil on canvas    Private collection

August von Siegen (1850- )-‘entrance to complex of Sultan Qaitbay, Cairo’-oil on canvas


Old places by Jozef Holzer

The Austrian artist Jozef Holzer (1824-1876) pointed out in his paintings themes about his country, presently deeply changed.

O austríaco Jozef Holzer (1824-1876) assinalou nas suas pinturas temas do seu país, atualmente profundamente alterados.

Jozef Holzer (1824-1876)-‘Weitenegg an der Donau ruins’-ca 1876

Jozef Holzer (1824-1876)-‘Paulenstein castle’-oil on canvas-1844

Jozef Holzer (1824-1876)-‘scene from the Vienna woods’-oil on canvas-ca 1876  Private collection

Jozef Holzer (1824-1876)-‘mountain with torrent’

Jozef Holzer (1824-1876)-‘chapel on Calvary (Hallstatt)’-oil on panel-ca 1876


Winter by Anton Doll

The German artist Anton Doll (1826-1887) devoted part of his work to the painting of motifs like the snowfall in winter.

O germânico Anton Doll (1826-1887) dedicou parte da sua pintura a temas como a queda de neve no inverno.

Anton Doll (1826-1887)-‘home from Sunday mass’

Anton Doll (1826-1887)-‘figures on a frozen stream by a village’

Anton Doll (1826-1887)´-‘Kastelbell castle, South Tyrol’

Anton Doll (1826-1887)-‘figures in a winter’

Anton Doll (1826-1887)-‘figures on a road in a mountain village’


Pollution free by August Friedrich Kessler

The German artist August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906) painted places showing various motifs, where the air is not polluted.

O germânico August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906) pintou locais com motivos diversos, onde os ares não estão poluídos.

August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906)-‘seascape’-1958

August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906)-‘water mill’

August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906)-‘rest at the mountain lake’-1874

August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906)-‘angler at the waterfall’    Private collection

August Friedrich Kessler (1826-1906)-‘deer in the forest’


Germany by Heinrich Deiters

The German artist Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916) used for his paintings places and motifs from his homeland.

O germânico Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916) utilizou nas suas pinturas assuntos e locais da sua pátria.

Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916)-‘before paper mill to Broich an der Ruhr’

Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916)-‘Landsberg castle’-1861

Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916)-‘Henkersteg in Nuremberg’-1901    Private collection

Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916)-‘idyllic riverside’

Heinrich Deiters (1840-1916)-‘Sunday walk’-oil on panel


Lakes and rivers by Adolf Chwala

The Czech artist Chwala Adolf (1838-1900) performed several paintings which show the water of lakes and rivers in central Europe.

O checo Adolf Chwala (1838-1900) executou várias pinturas onde mostra a água de lagos e rios da Europa central.

Adolf Chwala (1838-1900)-‘wooded river with herbs seeker’-oil on canvas-ca 1900

Adolf Chwala (1838-1900)-‘the Elbe estuary’-oil on canvas

Adolf Chwala (1838-1900)-‘mountain with lake’-oil on canvas

Adolf Chwala (1838-1900)-‘summer farmstead’-oil on canvas

Adolf Chwala (1838-1900)-‘stream’-oil on canvas

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