sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

==The Portuguese in Goa (1510): With the conquest of Goa (1510) by Albuquerque (*Henry Morse Stephens's history*; *Kerr's history*), and of other small island and coastal settlements, the Portuguese begin a century of control over the Indian spice trade (*Kerr's history*; *Imperial Gazetteer*).  Early Malabar towns from an atlas of 1572: *Calicut*; *Canonore*; *Diu*; *Goa*. The efforts of St. Francis Xavier and other Jesuits at instilling Catholicism are much less successful (*cin*). (*Routes*)
==Munster's Cosmographia (1544): Sebastian Munster (1488-1552) publishes a Latin work that reports on the nature of the whole world; it is translated into many European languages, and becomes one of the most widely read books of its time. His vision of India includes Pygmies and the famous gold-digging ants that go right back to Herodotus, via Strabo. Some sample pages: *Columbia Univ.*.

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