quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014


British actor Rex Harrison and actress Samantha Eggar, with chimpanzee Chee-Chee, sit down to watch the Football World Cup final between England and West Germany during filming of "Doctor Dolittle" at Castle Coombe, Dorset, on July 30, 1966 

Amelia Earhart as her Lockheed Electra is refueled at Caripito Airport, Venezuela. 1937

10,000 Bottles of Whistle, Washington 1921

A criminal is publicly whipped in the street, Persia (Iran), Circa

orker stands besides a shell in an ammunition factory, Great Britain, 19W16

Photographers taking pictures of Marshal Stalin, President Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Churchill at the Russian Embassy during the Teheran Conference, December 1943

WorldCup final of 1974, Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer exchange pennants, Juli 7 1974


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